Terms & Conditions
  1. About the Program
    1. The PoweredX program is ‘free’ for the duration of the program period, from participation till product launch, including one month of free support by the PoweredX team - which means there is no participation fee, and no equity that is required to be shared with the PoweredX team for joining the program.
    2. The entire product development and support will be managed remotely and all communication will be done via acceptable electronic and digital mediums.
    3. The program does not require any travel to be incurred by either the entrepreneur or any member of the PoweredX team.
  2. Open Participation via Idea Submission
    1. Any individual, from any part of the world may apply to the program by sending in their idea through the PoweredX Idea Submission Form.
  3. Idea Confidentiality
    1. PoweredX and the industry experts teams with whom the ideas will be shared and discussed for shortlisting, will not share the submitted ideas with anyone outside the said teams.
  4. Winner Announcement
    1. Selected Idea will be announced on the website and team will be communicated thereafter.
  5. Development Phase
    1. The program is intended to design and develop the actual product for the web/mobile space, which will help entrepreneurs take the product into the market, or to investors.
    2. The PoweredX team will refine and develop the idea, basis discussions with the founders of the selected team.
    3. Team members from selected team must be available to the PoweredX team for any queries, discussion, feedback etc., at predetermined times, keeping time zone differences in mind. This may necessarily lean more towards the PoweredX team’s working hours.
    4. The original idea, now refined & mutually agreed, is what will be developed. Requests related to change/update in project features in between the project may not be considered or approved.
    5. Depending on the product requirement, the project may extend beyond the stipulated three months.
  6. Product Release
    1. The working MVP will be released once product is ready to launch.
  7. Program Changes
    1. It may be necessary for reasons beyond our control to change the dates, content and timing of the programme, at any time prior to the event date.
  8. Content
    1. All content for the product will be researched, written and given to the team by the entrepreneur. PoweredX will not be held accountable for incorrect information or content. PoweredX may improve upon/edit the same, as required.
  9. Confidentiality & Security
    1. PoweredX has implemented appropriate technical measures to ensure a level of security which we deem appropriate, taking into account the categories of data we collect and the way we process it.
  10. Ownership
    1. The idea and product ownership will remain with the entrepreneur, with PoweredX only credited for the development work.
  11. Privacy
    1. PoweredX is committed to safeguarding your personal information.
    2. Categories of personal data collected*
      1. When you interact with PoweredX through our websites or via email, we receive personal data relating to you or to someone we deem has authorised you to provide this information to us.
    3. Typical cases where we collect your personal data include when you register for an event organised by us, when you apply to join as a participant, partner, sponsor or investor, when you subscribe to one of our newsletters, when you use any of the services we provide or when you interact directly with us via email for the program, organisational or other purposes.
    4. When you participate in, access or sign up to our program, activities or online content, we may receive personal information about you. Depending on the activity, this can consist of information such as your name, email address and more rarely postal address, or your telephone or mobile number. In particular, if you submit any data or create an account on one of our project portals we require a valid email address to create the account. By submitting your details, you enable us to provide you with the services, activities or online content you select.
    5. We also use cookies and collect IP addresses (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet) from visitors to our websites.
    6. *Additional Information: Categories of personal data collected include the following:

      • Email
      • Name and address details
      • Phone details
      • Job function and employer details/institutional affiliation
      • Gender and nationality for statistical reporting purposes as well as for project recruitment statistics along with an applicant’s age
      • Resumes, certificates, performance assessments, reference letters and similar information for recruitment purposes

      Categories of recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed PoweredX will keep your personal data confidential. We will only disclose it when legally required or permitted, or when necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which you have provided us your information.

      Categories of recipients to whom we may be disclosing your personal data include the following:

      • Service providers which are required to keep your information confidential who process your information on our behalf
      • From time to time, we may share some information with our collaborators. When submitting data to our databases you opt in to submitting some personal information and we assume that you have permission from your institution to submit these data.
      • Partner institutions, in order to manage access to shared facilities, or more generally to collaborate scientifically
      • Law enforcement and government bodies, in exceptional circumstances

      PoweredX will hold your personal data on our systems for as long as is considered necessary for the relevant purpose(s) you provided us your details, or as long as is set out in (i) any relevant contract you hold with PoweredX; (ii) in an PoweredX Document Retention Policy, or (iii) applicable legislation.

  12. Purposes of personal data collection

      PoweredX uses your personal data for a limited number of purposes connected to our mission. Where we consider using your personal data for other purposes we will ensure that we notify you first. You will also be given the opportunity to withhold or withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data for purposes other than those listed below.

      *Additional Information:
      Purposes for which we may use your personal data include the following:

      • Subscriptions (Newsletters, publications, event announcements)
      • Alumni activities
      • Recruitment
      • Marketing for PoweredX and/or Nickelfox activities
      • Technical collaborations
      • Technical services, activities or online content and to deal with your requests and enquiries
      • "Service administration purposes", which means that we may contact you for reasons related to the service, activity or online content you have signed up for, (e.g. to provide you with password reminders or to notify you that a particular service, activity or online content has been suspended for maintenance)
      • To contact you about a database submission you have made, including any content you provide to us
      • To provide you with information about our services, activities or online content
      • To use IP addresses to identify the location of users, to block disruptive use, and to establish the number of visits from different countries
      • To analyse and improve the services offered on our websites. In order to provide you with the most user-friendly navigation experience, we may also use information in aggregate (so that no individuals are identified) for strategic development purposes.


      If you cancel your user account in any of our databases or web portals we will ensure that your personal information is either deleted or that your information will no longer be visible to others.

      When you contribute data to a PoweredX database, this information enters the public domain and we are likely to store it permanently.