What is the Revenue Model of PoweredX ?

PoweredX - Empowering Entrepreneurs
PoweredX - Empowering Entrepreneurs

I am very thankful to Edward J for asking the below question

Edward's Question - How are you guys able to generate revenue, if you don't take a stake in the entrepreneurs business or take some other sort of fee for your time and effort?

No Revenue Model

We don’t intend to generate any Revenue from PoweredX. Sounds too good to be true? But it is TRUE.
There is no Revenue Model of PoweredX.

Satisfaction & Fulfillment

We at Nickelfox Technologies, the team behind PoweredX, are driven by our Vision to “Create Value“.
Be it our Partners or Team Members, everyone in our team believes & is working to create a better world, through the work each one of us does on a daily basis. Thereby having more work satisfaction & fulfillment.

PoweredX is our way of doing CSR / Philanthropy / Giving back to the world, call it what you will, but for us, this is what we Believe in.

The team at PoweredX is employed/trained by Nickelfox Technologies, and their key responsibility is to help address our vision – “Create Value” in all our endeavours.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

– Steve Jobs

Private Entities Coming Together

We hope PoweredX will eventually become a platform where private entities can join hands to support Value Creating ideas for a better world. The sad state of economics is that only the ideas which have a great revenue model have the support of the industry/investors/VCs.

Other ideas which may have a greater impact don’t see much attention. This trend has forced many entrepreneurs to only believe in the Revenue Model Based approach. We want to challenge this and be the hope for those who want to change the world.

PoweredX is an initiative to help ideas which:

  • Can create value for masses
  • Have the potential to change the world
  • Can bring in efficiency to the existing solutions
  • Ideas based on similar thoughts

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