5 Reasons PoweredX may not be for you

PoweredX Benefits

PoweredX-Empowering Entrepreneurs

We launched PoweredX with the intent to Empower Entrepreneurs. Our vision is “Creating Value” with the expertise we have.

As part of the PoweredX process, our team will co-build selected Ideas with the Technology, Design & Product expertise we have, by building the initial product prototype (MVP). At the end of the program, we intend to share all assets/code/IP with winners (after MVP release). There is no fee and we won’t charge equity. Read PoweredX terms & conditions.

You should not participate in the PoweredX program –

1. If you already have relevant tech expertise

  • If you already have a great team with relevant technical expertise, then our team can only give you best wishes.
  • However, if you feel the tech aspect of your product/service needs to be restructured, you may submit your idea at PoweredX.

2. If you have relevant technical expertise to eventually scale your product

To most entrepreneurs, scalability of a product/service is an aspect which only comes to mind when there is actually need to scale. But it’s like the plan B which needs to be thought even while considering plan A. Proper product road map & Scalability plan from the initial stage is crucial.

  • Example Scenario: Startup C-Com started with a rapid development strategy which saves initial development cost.  
  • Next 6 months, customer acquisition is at peak
  • Next 6 months, investors invest in C-Com
  • Investors looking for quick growth of features and want quick results/product scaling.
  • C-Com needs to revamp to the product architecture to be able to add new features/functionalities but there is no time now to do it.
  • C-Com struggles with scaling product and investors expectation.

If you do not have a scalable technical roadmap, you may submit your idea at PoweredX.

3. If you don’t believe in the power of Leverage

Leveraging is something all great businesses/enterprises are based on. We all know the phrase “One does not go about reinventing the wheel” specially when you are bootstrapped. PoweredX is a platform where Great ideas will come to life by Leveraging whatever resources we can avail. We are trying to leverage tech support for PoweredX from other Private Corporations as well.

4. If you have enough capital to invest in Prototype Development

In such cases, our suggestion is to find a team/agency who can deliver the product as per your expectation.

5. If your idea is not aligned with our vision of “Creating Value”

PoweredX is an initiative to help ideas which:

  • Can create value for masses
  • Have the potential to change the world
  • Can bring in efficiency to the existing solutions
  • & Ideas based on similar thoughts

It will eventually become a platform where Private entities can join hands to support Value Creating ideas for a better world. Ideas related purely to entertainment/leisure/gaming don’t align with our vision of “Creating Value”. Hence we don’t intend to work on such product/services.

Read PoweredX Philosophy

Submit your Idea  if you think your vision aligns with our vision of “Creating Value”, then let’s get together to Co-build your Idea, bring it to life and create a better world.

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