The PoweredX Philosophy

PoweredX Philosophy
PoweredX Philosophy

One receives the greatest satisfaction when one truly ‘gives back’; and this is what drives team PoweredX. Passionate about creating value, we hope to collaborate with thinkers, innovators as well as entrepreneurs in creating a better world together.

 PoweredX – Empowering Entrepreneurs

The Core Problem

The best products and services in this world have begun as an idea in someone’s mind, and have gone on to add value and change the world as we know it.

However, bringing an idea to life is not an easy task. And not all potentially great ideas have seen the light of day, for various reasons — one being the perceived finances involved, and the second, and maybe the most important one — being the lack of the right technical skills at the right time, to bring them to life the way ‘they were envisioned’.

In today’s digital-first world, technical expertise is probably the most important resource an innovator or startup requires.


The PoweredX Solution

PoweredX is an attempt to bridge the ‘process’ gap between the idea and the execution; and help the entrepreneur in these two key areas.

“It’s never the idea, it’s always the execution”

Bill Sahlman

The brain behind PoweredXNilesh Ukey, (Co-Founder, Nickelfox Technologies) says “Many great tech ideas fail due to a lack of technical expertise to execute them”. This is where we felt we could support great tech ideas and give back in a way, by sharing our expertise in multiple current and upcoming technologies.”

PoweredX – Empowering Entrepreneurs

Nickelfox’s core philosophy has been to empower ideas by building digital experiences with a purpose. Through the PoweredX program, we wish to empower the thinkers and entrepreneurs themselves, by giving them a hassle-free platform to develop their unique ideas that may make a difference to all our lives. Our team will freely contribute technical expertise in multiple domains and technologies.

The PoweredX Mechanism

Out of submitted Ideas, our team will select viable ‘Value Creating’ tech ideas. we will these ideas with Refinement, UI/UX Design, Product Development — right up to Minimum Viable Product(MVP) stage. All work and communication will be done remotely and will require no expenses, in terms of equity, travel, development etc.

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About Nickelfox

Nickelfox, founded by Tech and Design Experts in 2014, specializes in product design & development, focusing on mobility and web. Our team comprises highly competent creators, designers and developers, with expertise in latest and upcoming technologies like ML, AI, Blockchain, IoTs & AR/VR.

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